The scariest things alive.

Owls are my biggest fear.  There you have it. Ever since I was 17 and one hit the front windshield of a vehicle I was riding in, I can’t even look at one. When the “Legends of the Guardians” came out, and advertisements were all over the city, i found myself closing my eyes walking down the street.  ha.

So why you ask am I doing a blog on them? Well the truth is owl graphics are everywhere right now. I see really great illustrations & graphic interpretations  of them constantly.  Especially in childrens’ products.  I may hate owls, but I can’t deny/ignore an awesome use of their aesthetic.

Enjoy! And always remember how I took one for the team.  -xxamyk


Zoo Packs by Skip Hop

Skip Hop is one of my design heroes. I also included another one of their products in my White blog. Being a toy designer, I can’t help but say “awww” alot . These Zoo Packs are just plain cute – I mean, look at the leaf zipper pull.  I’ve always been a sucker for light blue & red colour combinations mixed with polk-a-dots. There are other animals in the Zoo Pack assortment, but the Owl is my fav. **Also, Skip Hop has a really cute new print on their website – Treetop Friends – and yes, you guessed it – owls included.

Jwlrymachine by Boucheron and MB&F

This watch is just seriously out of control. Talk about intricate and over the top…I mean, how much is this – atleast like $100,000? ha. Either way, this is a pretty awesome collaboration between swiss creative lab MB&F & Boucheron. But on a serious note, the French company Boucheron are old-school. They have been doing this for 152 years. Also, be sure to check out their website – its pretty intense. This luxury stuff though…its another world for me i’m afraid.

Hoo Hats by Charlotte Cooper

Its time to definitely switch gears from luxury super-rich-people watches to down-to-earth, awesome hoo hats!! As stated on the Hoo Hats website “Hoo Hats is a wee hat company owned by Charlotte Cooper & operated out of the dining room of her humble home in Southeast Portland, Oregon.” I love these stories. And I love these kinds of people!  Her cute felt hats for kiddies are so incredibly designed & sewn. Go Charlotte go! You can “Like” Hoo Hats on facebook. I already have. Spread the word!!!

Owlets designed by Harley & Boss

I purchased these about a year ago from Kid Robot. This plush is cute – but the illustrations on the package are what sold me. I like the colors they chose – as well as the simplicity of  the different owl designs. Their website is currently under construction, but I like looking at their Flickr account to see what is inspiring them – and also selfishly, to inspire my own work.

Small Owl Lithograph by Bernard Buffet

The selection of this ‘thing’ is very personal. This image is not new or famous.  I saw this lithograph for the first time about 6 months ago at a friends’ grandmothers home.  This grandma is particularily  wonderful, and has such interesting stories about growing up in Washington Heights, NYC. We are not sure where she picked up the Small Owl lithograph by Bernard Buffet, but it’s incredible to look at. Thank you grandma, we love hearing your stories. x


I hope some’thing’ you see today will inspire you to create your own ‘things’ tomorrow.  -xamyk

One Response to “Owls”

  1. Lulu Says:

    I love OWLS! I’m so glad you posted about my new love!
    Sorry to hear you have a fear of these animals. I hope by posting about it you can overcome the fear and the embrace the warm fuzzy goodness that are owls (except for the Great Owl from the secret of NIMH, yikes!)

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